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Jewish community urges combat against racism, bigotry

The Zioness Movement, which represents Jewish women who are active in political and social causes, commented “We must do more, though, than raise our voices. And we must do more than seek to heal our racial divides. We must confront, defeat, and dismantle white supremacy in America. … Zioness leaders in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) are committed to the necessary self-work to unlearn racism and dismantle centuries-long systems of oppression. In this, we are committed to centering the voices and needs of Black people, including Jews of Color, and to working in partnership with Black-led organizations, with our own Jewish community, and with other allies. Zioness members come from a Jewish tradition that demands that we refuse to stand idly by as our neighbors bleed. For our Twin Cities activists, George Floyd was their neighbor.”

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