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Zioness Statement ahead of Unite the Right DC Rally

Statement ahead of Unite the Right DC rally this Sunday:

Last August, alt-right bigots including Klansmen, neo-Nazis and various militias descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, in a horrifying display of anti-Semitism, racism, and radical white nationalism. They waved flags with swastikas, chanted “Jews will not replace us” and the Nazi slogan “Blood and Soil,” and howled “Seig Heil” in front of the city’s sole synagogue, where terrified congregants hid until they could escape through the back door. For these domestic terrorists, Jews, African Americans, Latinx, Muslims, native people, disabled people and the LGBTQIA community were, and continue to be, equal targets.

This Sunday in Washington, DC, the “Unite the Right” rally will again work to spread their vile ideology. While the vast majority of Americans will be horrified by everything these individuals represent, there will be some who deflect when asked to disavow the sentiments expressed. Zioness is deeply disturbed to see certain groups – even within our own progressive communities – ignore how anti-Semitism stands at the very core of white supremacy and animates those who adhere to its evil tenets today. Whether you are a community activist or the President of the United States, it is unacceptable and unforgivable to deny the intrinsic anti-Semitic nucleus of Unite the Right and its leaders, members and allies.

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