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Zioness Statement on “Anti-Zionism” from CAIR’s Zahra Billoo

When you attack “Zionists,” you attack Jews. No matter your religion or ethnicity, if you claim that “anti-Zionism” is about Israeli policy, and not about Jewish identity, you are perpetuating one of the most dangerous and metastatic forms of hate the world has ever known.

CAIR San Francisco leader Zahra Billoo has, over many years, repeatedly attacked American Jews *as Zionists* in ways that prove contemporary “anti-Zionism” a grotesque mirror image of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Her “anti-Zionism” means, unapologetically, that Jews who pray (at “Zionist synagogues“) and Jewish students (who participate in “Zionist campus Hillels”) are “the enemies” of Muslim Americans. This is the language of the Bolshevik pogromists and the Nazi regime, who convinced Russians and Germans that the Jews were the enemy within before slaughtering their Jewish communities en masse.

CAIR has stood by Billoo, proving that it will never be a partner in the fight for social justice. But any individual of conscience must know: Billoo’s vicious words aren’t just dangerous for Jews. They embolden the forces of white supremacy that violently threaten the lives of every marginalized person and community in America. Fighting antisemitism, including anti-Zionism, is an absolute mandate for any sincere progressive, and is an absolutely critical piece of the solidarity-based activism our progressive movement demands. 

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