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Zioness Statement on the Confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Everyone at Zioness is absolutely thrilled and inspired to wish a heartfelt “Mazal Tov!” to Ketanji Brown Jackson, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Today, the United States rectified the glaring omission of Black female representation on the highest court in the land.  Today, we as a nation are a little bit closer to fulfilling the vision of our founders: a nation where all who call it home have equal access to opportunity and equal protection under the law, no matter the color of their skin or where their ancestors came from. The realities of underrepresentation in local and federal government are known all too well. But today, young Black girls can see themselves reflected, for the first time, as changemaking, trailblazing future jurists, just as they can see themselves as Members of Congress, Senators, and in the Vice Presidency.

Throughout her life, Justice Jackson has undoubtedly confronted double standards and misogynoir, but still brilliantly navigated Harvard classrooms and federal courtrooms––spaces seldom occupied by Black professionals, let alone Black women. In times when Black children still hear from their parents, “you need to work twice as hard to get half,” Justice Jackson’s relentless dedication and her distinguished legal career should be examples for all Americans on the power of perseverance. Joy, freedom, excellence, kindness: Justice Jackson, through her record, and as communicated so sincerely in her confirmation hearings, embodies these values to her core. Holding the hopes and dreams of a community must be impossibly difficult, but Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson does it with so much class and grace.

As we celebrate this historic, hopeful day, a reminder: one appointment, even one this extraordinary, does not promise a future of fair representation, of equity and equality, or of justice to all Americans. There is so much work yet to do. As Justice Jackson continues to create her judicial legacy, we must continue to advocate for a diverse, fully representative judiciary, at all levels, committed to equity, equality, and justice for every American.

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