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Zioness Response to President Trump’s Statement about Jewish Democrats Showing “great disloyalty”

We don’t have loyalty oaths in democracies.

People who “love the Jews” don’t accuse us of dual loyalty. People who “love the Jews” don’t categorize us as “good Jews” or “bad Jews”. People who “love the Jews” don’t call us stupid. Antisemites do these things.

Remember this as the day that the President of the United States casually employed several of the most explicitly antisemitic conspiracy theories in the same breath. This is the kind of bigotry that has sparked humanity’s worst impulses and greatest catastrophes. Once again, Donald Trump wantonly attempts to weaponize our identities—American, progressive, Jewish and Zionist.

America was founded on ideals of freedom, not loyalty. Americans vote based on values, not fealty. Zioness will continue our work to unite and amplify the voice of the vast majority of American Jews––who are both proudly progressive and unapologetically Zionist––and who categorically reject his repeated, reprehensible, exploitation of our community.

We cannot let this perverse strategy work. We must unite fiercely against it, and call it exactly what it is. Call this out. If not now, it will be too late.


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