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For so many of us, Zioness represents an urgently needed political home. We are unabashedly progressive and unapologetically Zionist – and there are so many ways to get involved in our work! Check out some of our constituency groups below!

  • Click here to to learn about the Zioness Jewish Clergy Council for American Rabbis and Cantors. Jewish clergy are in a unique position to reach their audiences with thought leadership and support in navigating current social and political landscapes through the lens of the Jewish faith. Through quarterly convenings featuring dynamic speakers and timely topics, as well as compelling trainings, communication, programming, and more, this council will create a unique space for collaboration, learning, and connection.
  • Click here to learn about our Zahav Fellowship for Black Jewish Zionists. The Zahav Fellowship seeks to advance Jewish communal diversity; lift up Black, Jewish, Zionist voices; and create a space for participants to share and learn from each other’s lived experiences for mutual empowerment. Participants will explore the complexity of the intersection of identities, politics, and the communities we inhabit.
  • Click here to learn about our Changemakers Task Force, a coalition of Jewish Activists working in progressive spaces. A coalition of Jewish Activists working in progressive spaces. The Zioness Changemakers Task Force is a coalition of Jewish activists and staff working directly in progressive organizations and movements. Our changemakers make change both on the front lines of the progressive movement, and as Zioness activists ready to build a stronger progressive movement through its acceptance and embrace of Jews and Zionists. This task force is a space for building community with like-minded activists facing shared challenges, collaborating on effective solutions, and creating tangible change.

Additional opportunities are coming soon! We hope you’ll connect with us in the way that feels right for you. For any questions about our opportunities for engagement, please contact us today.