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Hillel-sponsored event incites protest

Muhlenberg College’s Hillel hosted Amanda Berman, Founder and Executive Director of Zioness, for an event on Mar. 27. She was invited to partake in a discussion about social justice activism, Zionism, and Jewish identity in this challenging moment. During her visit protests took place with the goal of trying to shut the event down completely, …

Proudly Jewish Podcast with Cantor Eyal Bitton

Our Founder and Executive Director Amanda Berman joined Cantor Eyal Bitton of Congregation Neveh Shalom on his podcast Proudly Jewish to discuss all things Zioness, antisemitism/anti-Zionism, Israel, the Jewish future, and a host of other topics surrounding Jewish community and identity. Watch their conversation below, or go to Apple or Spotify podcasts to listen.

Democratic Socialists of America is imploding; faces mass layoffs and major cuts amid internal ‘crisis’

Democratic Socialists of America appear to have been so preoccupied with trying to make organizations across America unprofitable that it failed to keep an eye on its own bottom line. DSA, backed by members of the so-called squad and touted as America’s “largest and fastest growing socialist organization,” is imploding on account of a seven-figure deficit, infighting, and the prospect of …