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Zioness Statement Following Tablet Magazine’s Investigative Piece on the Women’s March, Inc.

Our worst fears and suspicions were realized about the national co-chairs of Women’s March, Inc. in tonight’s investigative piece in Tablet Magazine:…/is-the-womens-march-melting-down

We have been consistent in condemning the anti-Semitic, homophobic and decidedly unprogressive statements espoused and individuals endorsed by co-chairs Linda Sarsour, Tamika D Mallory, Carmen Perez and Bob Bland. We launched Zioness to combat bigotry like this. Our grassroots movement exists to provide a community to the vast majority of American Jews who are feeling marginalized despite our staunch commitment to liberal values, the advancement of women’s rights and human rights for all.

Tonight we learned that a deep-seated, conspiratorial hatred of the Jewish people was an often unspoken, yet ever-present, fundamental and unifying principle driving the co-chairs’ organizing. This knowledge makes it impossible for any sincere progressive to march alongside these women.

Zioness will not participate in any events associated with Women’s March, Inc. until Sarsour, Mallory, Perez and Bland are removed from leadership. However, we will proudly rally our thousands of unabashedly progressive, unquestionably Zionist activists to participate in marches across the country that have formally disassociated themselves from the national Women’s March, Inc. group, including local organizers in Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, D.C., Alabama, Rhode Island, Georgia, Illinois, and Denver, among others. We hope and expect that many more local organizers will declare their unequivocal independence from the corrupt and heinous co-chairs of Women’s March, Inc.

Zioness has been clear since our founding that we cannot and will not cede the American feminist movement to bigots and anti-Semites. We do not have the luxury of staying home and hoping that others will stand up, push the prejudice out, and lead with radical love and empathy. Tonight, we are doubling down on that principle. For the sake of the millions of women who rallied to action after Donald Trump’s election, we must build up ethical, inclusive leaders and organizations that can meet the serious challenges of our time. Zioness, our grassroots leaders and iconic national board members stand ready to play our part.

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