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Zioness statement on confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

While we knew this moment was coming, we are nonetheless deeply pained by the official confirmation of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. It is mentally and emotionally searing to know that the seat held by our quintessential Zioness icon––a woman who dedicated her every living moment to fighting for women, people of color, LGBTQ, and all marginalized communities––is now filled by a person with a stated commitment to undermining and rolling back all the hard-fought victories that demonstrate decades of progress for us all.

In this very moment, millions of Americans are struggling with a vicious global pandemic. Hundreds of thousands have died after immense suffering, leaving traumatized loved ones to pick up the pieces. Now-Justice Barrett’s positions on the Affordable Care Act may mean that the vulnerable among us will be left even more vulnerable, in an unprecedented time. Any actions to roll back coverage will disproportionately affect communities of color and essential workers, who face disadvantages in every aspect of public health and equity.

These issues should not be political. Health, safety, bodily autonomy and equality are not political issues, they are human rights issues. Voting rights are civil rights and human rights issues. Reproductive freedom is a human rights issue.

But we live in a representative democracy, and if we don’t use our right to vote, we will lose it. We each have 7 days to do our research, find our candidates, and head to the polls or the mailboxes to demand the representation we deserve. Want to codify Roe v. Wade? Vote. Want to reinstate the Voting Rights Act? Vote. Want to protect the ACA and extend healthcare to all Americans? Vote.

In fact, no matter what issues you care about, exercise your civic right and your civic duty, and VOTE.

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