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Zioness Statement on Trump Urging Israel to Bar Entry to Reps. Tlaib and Omar

Trump has urged Israel to refuse entry to two sitting members of the U.S. House of Representatives in order to score cheap political points. In a move that has the potential to deeply harm the relationship between these two extraordinary allies, Netanyahu has acquiesced.

One does not have to agree with anything Reps. Tlaib and Omar say or do to comprehend just how cynical is this game that Trump is playing.

Who wins at this game? Donald Trump, BDS activists, and frankly, those attempting to push the American left to adopt anti-Israel and antisemitic positions.

Who loses at this game? International Jewry, democratic norms, and pluralism.

To all the American Jews who feel gut-punched today: Resist the temptation to turn your back on your community or the state of Israel. Sometimes (recently, often) they get things wrong, but that does not mean you need to be ashamed of your Zionism. There is virtue in our steadfast commitment to Jewish liberation and a safe and secure Jewish state, despite our disagreement with decisions of its current government. There is also virtue in our steadfast commitment to our progressive American domestic ideals, despite the fact that some progressive leaders perpetuate anti-Jewish bias and antisemitism masquerading as “anti-Zionism.”

To all the Zionesses in our midst: You are not alone, you are not crazy. Our community is being manipulated and exploited as a political wedge, and we must resist THAT with all our heart and all our might.

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