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7 Jewish Feminist Highlights of 2019

The DC Dyke March started out by banning Jewish Pride flags because they resemble the Israeli flag. Strategic and persistent activists—supported by allies from Zioness, A Wider Bridge, and other organizations—spoke up, showed up and were ultimately allowed to bring their whole selves and their symbols of choice to the demonstration. Kudos to the National LBTQ Taskforce for withdrawing support of the event and to the Jewish Dykes who refused to be, as Adrienne Rich put it, “split at the root.” Allies who supported Dykes bearing Jewish Pride flags while honoring that Dyke marches need to be queer women-centered spaces also deserve credit. So do the marchers who, according to Carly Pildis, “expressed deep sadness that any queer woman felt the need to have allies protecting them at the Dyke March.”

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