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Please welcome Darryl Coulon, Zioness Grassroots Community Organizer!

We are thrilled to welcome Darryl Coulon to Zioness as our passionate, committed Grassroots Community Organizer! Darryl has committed every day––especially during this crucial time in our country––to standing up as a progressive, and as a Zionist, for himself and for all who feel they lack a voice.

Take Action With Zioness Tomorrow Night

Everything we stand for is on the line. And, in the middle of a pandemic, with so much chaos, it’s easy to feel powerless. But, at Zioness, we believe in the power of our community to change the world. That’s why Zionesses from across the country are getting together tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 7th, at 6pm …

Reminder: GOTV with Zioness!

Right now, the health, safety, and dignity of our neighbors—people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, women, working families, students—is at stake this November. That’s why Zioness is partnering with organizations on crucial nonpartisan initiatives, including phone banking and volunteering as poll workers, to get out the vote this election season.

Grieving a Zioness legend, and committing to honor her

As Zionesses all over the country sat down to celebrate a new year, with new hopes and dreams, and new opportunities, we heard the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at 87.