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Zioness is the ideological home for a large portion of our American Jewish community that identifies as both passionately progressive on domestic issues and proudly Zionist. As Jewish clergy, we are in a unique position to reach our audiences with thought leadership and support in navigating current social and political landscapes through the lens of the Jewish faith.

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Membership with the Zioness Jewish Clergy Council offers:

  • Quarterly discussion topics and/or resources, on relevant issues affecting the Jewish community, especially as they relate both to our commitment to Zionism, and our domestic social justice priorities;
  • Quarterly council convenings featuring dynamic speakers, compelling and timely topics, and opportunities for connection and conversation with your fellow council members;
  • Access to discounted honoraria rates for dynamic, exciting speakers, including those on the Zioness team and Board of Directors, to navigate the challenging social and political dynamics of this moment;
  • Relationships and opportunities in social justice activism;
  • Programming for students, parents, activists, and others in your congregation that addresses their fears, empowers them to be their full authentic selves, and provides community around shared values;
  • Training on how to speak like a Zioness, how to organize for social change, how to build coalitions with partners and allies, and how to ensure a future in which Jews and Zionists feel welcome and part of the domestic progressive movement;
  • An optional additional layer of engagement as a member of the council’s steering committee, serving a two-year term and helping us realize the vision of the council
  • And more!

We hope you will join us in advancing the Zioness mission as diverse members of the national Jewish clergy leadership, to show up for ourselves, to show up for others, and to do the work, now, to build a better future.

Sign up to join the Zioness Jewish Clergy Council

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