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Congressman Cheers Reports of Dire Financial Straits Faced by Democratic Socialists of America

Mr. Torres, an ardent supporter of Israel in its war against Hamas terrorists whose office has been vandalized by pro-Palestinian protesters, tells the Sun he is heartened by reports Monday that the Democratic Socialists of America is reeling from debts said to be in the seven figures.
“The DSA is collapsing in real time under the weight of its own antisemitism and extremism,” Mr. Torres says.

“DSA long ago fell into the trap of becoming so radical in the name of ‘justice’ that they abandoned the mission of the progressive movement,” a founder of Zioness, Amanda Berman, told the paper. Zioness is a group that represents liberal Jews who support Israel.

The downward spiral for the Democratic Socialists reportedly began in 2022 when the group picked a fight with another member of the Squad from New York, Congressman Jamal Bowman. Mr. Bowman was singled out for visiting Israel at the time.

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