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Democratic Socialists of America is imploding; faces mass layoffs and major cuts amid internal ‘crisis’

Democratic Socialists of America appear to have been so preoccupied with trying to make organizations across America unprofitable that it failed to keep an eye on its own bottom line.

DSA, backed by members of the so-called squad and touted as America’s “largest and fastest growing socialist organization,” is imploding on account of a seven-figure deficit, infighting, and the prospect of massive layoffs. To stay afloat, the radical group is considering defunding its various chapters and propaganda arms as well as axing senior staff.

The New York Post noted that some progressive Jewish leftists figure DSA leaders’ support for anti-Israel groups and its rhetorical alliance with terrorists may have also hurt their cause.

“DSA long ago fell into the trap of becoming so radical in the name of ‘justice’ that they abandoned the mission of the progressive movement,” said Amanda Berman, executive director of Zioness, a group of Jewish leftists who support Israel.

“After Hamas’s brutal invasion of Israel on October 7, DSA doubled down on their strategy of going deep and long on antisemitism, thinking it might get them out of the hole,” added Berman.

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