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Elisha Wiesel’s next chapter

Awesome profile of our newest Board member, Elisha Wiesel!

It was through social media that Wiesel found Zioness, a progressive organization whose board he joined earlier this year. “I found Zioness before they found me,” he said. “And I just thought, like, ‘Oh my god, thank god, there’s somebody doing this right. Thank god, there’s somebody, you know, breaking this false duality of you can’t both be a progressive and a Zionist.”

In late 2019, he met with Amanda Berman, the organization’s founder and executive director. “Immediately, he asked a lot of questions, really good questions, the kind of questions that you get from someone who is really thinking about these issues,” Berman told JI. “They weren’t empty questions, trying to sort of pretend to be interested. It was like these were issues that were gnawing at him also, and he genuinely wanted to know how we were going to approach them.””

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