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10 Suggested Responses for University Administrators Who Care About their Campus Jewish Community


We’ve all heard about a particular event happening on a prestigious university campus this weekend, during Yom Kippur, that will involve platforming some of the world’s most noxious antisemites, many of whom spew violent anti-Zionism and attempt to deny and/or erase Jewish identity. At Zioness, we condemn all hate speech, by any speaker, targeting any community, anytime. But we also recognize that, in a democracy, hate speech is and must be protected, and our obligation as those committed to protecting democracy is to expose and disinfect using our own protected speech, our commitment to justice and equity, and our conviction in freedom and liberation for all persecuted minority communities, including the Jewish people. Even without shutting down horrible events, university administrators can take important steps to protect Jewish students and fight campus antisemitism/anti-Zionism. Scroll below to learn more — so you can advocate for the students in your life and your community. And remember to never, ever be silent in the face of hate.

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