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Challenges and Opportunities in DEI

It goes without saying that we are living through a difficult moment, particularly as Jews committed to social justice who are constantly expected to abandon our Jewish identities, including our Zionism, in too many progressive spaces. Given the complex and painful conversations around DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion); the abhorrent and ubiquitous campus antisemitism we are witnessing; and the divisions continuing to emerge between Jewish and other marginalized communities––this moment feels uniquely urgent.

Zioness was honored to host a discussion with diverse and intersectional inclusivity experts at the top of their fields––all of whom are deeply invested in the fight against antisemitism.

Speakers included, Chloé Valdary (she/her), Founder of Theory of Enchantment, an antiracism program that teaches participants how to successfully combat supremacy by learning how to love themselves and others; Nate Shalev (they/them), Founder of Revel Impact, which focuses on workplace culture and addressing DEI; and April Powers (she/her), Vice President of DEI at Project Shema, Managing Director of First Impression Rx, and co-founder of Jewbian Princess. 

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