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We can – we must – show up as Zionists for Black Lives Matter

Zioness compiled an activist’s guide [] specifically geared towards anxious members of our community, explaining how they can show up in this moment to do the essential work, confident that they could respond to anti-Semitism if it appeared (thankfully, it mostly hasn’t). We created the guide because we believe that until they feel safe and equipped to counter it, too many American Jews will continue to be afraid to do the critical racial justice work this moment — and 400 years of racist American history — demands. We did it because we believe that we belong at those protests, and yet, Jews — like anyone else — have the right to expect to be treated with dignity when we do show up.

There is no comparing the Black experience to the Jewish experience in America, especially given that most American Jews present as white and benefit from privilege and assimilation. And this moment is, and must be, about the Black community. But it is hateful, perverse, and yes, anti-Semitic, to deny all Jews our right to collective liberation because one disdains the behavior of some Jews in the Israeli government (for whom American Jews did not and cannot vote).

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