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The Zioness Changemakers Task Force is a coalition of Jewish activists and staff working directly in progressive organizations and movements.

Our changemakers make change both on the front lines of the progressive movement, and as Zioness activists ready to build a stronger progressive movement through its acceptance and embrace of Jews and Zionists.

Members of the coalition serve as mission ambassadors, bringing their deep understanding of progressive spaces and their unapologetic Zionism to support Zioness in creating culture change and working toward reshaping the narrative around Zionism in progressive spaces.

Join us if you want to:

  • collaborate around the creation of culture change resources, campaigns, trainings, and activities
  • help connect your movement/organization to Zioness, and to our trainings and resources
  • identify and analyze trends around Zionism in progressive spaces and advise on responses/approaches
  • support the development of relationships with leaders in progressive spaces

Are you ready to take our mission to the next level? Sign up to join us today.