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Zioness Statement on Planned “Day of Hate”

This Saturday, February 25, American Jews need to be vigilant, and many will be afraid, appearing in public as Jews.

This Shabbat, like many over the past thousands of years, American Jews have to choose whether or not to forgo showing up publicly in Jewish spaces. We are going to weigh whether or not attending services, or engaging in any observation of our religion, our culture, or our communal practice is the right choice. And ultimately, no matter where we go or what we do, this Shabbat will be marked with millions of Jews worrying about our safety and that of our loved ones across our communities.

When Zioness learned of the “Day of Hate” that neo-Nazis across the country have planned, our hearts sank, and our stomachs turned. We aren’t meant to live like this. And that’s in fact the whole point. Hate like this is meant to defeat us, to make us give up. It’s shameful and despicable—and it won’t work.

This Shabbat, as we brace for a weekend of unknowns, know this:

  • White Supremacy will never define us.
  • Antisemitism is divisive and benefits those who rely on division; that will never be us.
  • We must continue to confront and dismantle all forms of antisemitism when we see them.
  • History reminds us that no matter the hatred we receive, the obstacles and threats that come, we will rise up.

Zioness was built on the pride and joy that is being Jewish—a pride that is deeply connected to loving and admiring our homeland, Israel.

This weekend we ask you to stay safe, stay proud, and take time to process this extremely frightening reality of living in a world where white supremacy is openly accepted, amplified, and even revered. And know we’ll never stop fighting against it, no matter what.

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