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Op Ed | Weaponizing ‘genocide’ against Jews & the truth

In the cacophony of global discourse, words matter. They shape our understanding of events, influence our reactions, and, in their worst manipulation, become weapons of misinformation. Today, the word “genocide,” a term rooted in the darkest chapters of human history, is being inappropriately used against Israel, with repercussions that echo deeply in Jewish hearts and …

Concerns rise over WH linkage of antisemitism, Islamophobia 

“I think that tying antisemitism and Islamophobia together is a way of avoiding actually addressing the way that either form of hate is manifesting, because they’re not the same,” Amanda Berman, executive director of Zioness, a progressive pro-Israel organization, told Jewish Insider on Thursday.

Op Ed | The War in Gaza Is Splintering the Democratic Party

Zioness activists show up to Rep. Bowman’s “healing breakfast” and express their concerns. Bowman’s Jewish constituents tried to convey how an ancestral terror of annihilation had been newly awakened. “This is Westchester!” said one mother of young children. “How can we be feeling unsafe as Jews?”

Is there a future for Jewish progressivism after Oct. 7?

Amanda Berman, a 38-year-old Jewish New Yorker, founded the Zioness Movement in 2017 as a progressive Zionist organization seeking to counter the anti-Zionism and antisemitism she and her Jewish friends working in social justice groups encountered. Her goal was to give progressives the knowledge and tools to be proud Zionists by working with activists to confront antisemitism …