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Embrace of IHRA’s Definition is One of Biden’s Early Policy Victories

Antisemitism often manifests via conspiracy theories and age-old tropes unrecognizable for those not deeply educated in this ancient form of hate, which is why defining this evil is a necessary first step to combating it. But, contrary to some of the arguments being made, defining hate speech is not the same thing as banning it.

Outrage Erupts Over Antisemitism Panel Featuring Noted Adversaries of Israel

The pro-Israel progressive group Zioness asked, “Why are these people, who claim to be progressive, promoting and covering up antisemitism in the progressive movement? Well-known antisemites have no place defining antisemitism.” “It is inherently and egregiously antisemitic for you to claim to speak for American Jews,” they said to the panelists.

Pro-Israel Progressive Ritchie Torres Elected to Congress From District Next to AOC’s

Amanda Berman, head of the progressive Zionist group Zioness, told The Algemeiner on Wednesday that Torres was “an unapologetic ally of the Jewish community, with a visceral and personal understanding of what Zionism means to us, why ‘anti-Zionism’ is so nefarious, and what makes it, on almost every occasion, antisemitic.” “I hope and truly believe that Representative …

Zionist Progressives assert their identity on behalf of Israel

Before long, a new roar may be heard in Baton Rouge. This one, though, may not be coming from Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium. Instead, it may be the roar of Zioness. Zioness is not a typo. It’s a new, fast-growing organization made up mostly — but not exclusively — of younger women determined to blend their Zionist …