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NYC Protest Rallies for Abortion Rights

NYC Zionesses turned out for a reproductive freedom rally after a leaked Supreme Court draft showed it could overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

Amnesty International Reveals its Malice to Israel is Cloaked in Ignorance

Last week, I attended an event at the Women’s National Democratic Club (no formal relationship with the Democratic Party) in Washington, D.C. for an event on Palestinian rights with executive director of Amnesty International USA, Paul O’Brien. The event was advertised as an opportunity for one of the world’s most recognized human rights organizations to present …

Progressive Environmental Activism Shouldn’t Stop At The Mason-Dixon Line

As a native Louisianan living in Los Angeles, I often ask fellow progressives about their impressions of the South. The responses range, but almost always include a reference to the region’s overwhelmingly conservative states and counties, as well as its regrettable past defined by Jim Crow and segregation. This is all true, of course, but …