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Amanda Berman of Zioness Explains How Republicans abandoned Jewish students. The media blamed the Democrats.

At the Forward, Amanda Berman of Zioness explains how the broader bill, expanding options for students on university campuses to file complaints about discrimination, in fact, includes Jews in its protections — even sans the motion to recommit. In any case, the bill will never be considered in the Republican-led Senate.

The Right Kind of Notorious

More recently this famous self-confessed dissenter expressed her outrage that Jewish women who are Zionist were told that they could not be both Zionists and Feminists. “That is simply not true”, the indignant RBG told Zioness, a movement founded in response to this ridiculous accusation.

Republicans abandoned Jewish students. The media blamed the Democrats.

… Here’s what actually happened: Last week, the House voted on a new bill that proposed opening a new avenue of redress for students facing discrimination on public campuses. The bill sought to expand the existing legal options provided under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act for students who face direct discrimination on account …

RBG’s death prompts Jewish pride, sorrow

Zioness — As Zionesses all over the country sat down to celebrate a new year, with new hopes and dreams, and new opportunities, we heard the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Jewish woman on the Court, passed away at 87. She was a tireless fighter for equity and equality, overcoming decades …